Have you visited St Thomas’ lately? If you haven’t you’ll see we have:

  • New masonry – much needed repairs to external brickwork completed.
  • A new entrance ramp with ornate handrails on the south side of the church.
  • New internal automatic doors.
  • A new toilet inside the church – coming very soon – not all that exciting but very useful for families with small children, people with impairments or disabilities and indeed all our visitors.
  • A new floor in the church hall.
  • New walls (redecorated) in the church hall.
  • A new Director of Music – Mr James Lloyd Thomas.
  • A new(ish) Priest-in-Charge – Reverend Andrew Sillis.
  • A new Parish Administrator – Mrs Emma Leek.
  • A new email address.

And now we have a new website – fully responsive (adapts to the device you are viewing it on), modern and incorporating a number of features we hope you will find extremely useful and interesting:

  • A regular blog with articles about our services, recitals, missions, fundraising events, history – indeed any news we think you will find entertaining and informative. Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to cover – we’ll do our best to accommodate!
  • A full, comprehensive and searchable events calendar – see what’s on, regular community events and available slots for booking our rooms.
  • A subscription service to our newsletter containing even more information about your church and your local community. On signing up we’ll email our newsletter and keep you updated with events and activities.

Please add our website to your favourites and keep in touch – visit or contact us – we really have saved a seat for you!