Launch of the Sunday 09:15 service

Its nine o’clock – open those doors – and new faces start walking through straightaway. ‘Welcome, welcome, would you like a bacon butty?’ Of course they would, plus a coffee or a fruit juice. Janet, Joy, Jean, Sue and Kathryn are all busy keeping those refreshments flowing whilst saying ‘Hello!’ to one and all.

Everyone gets a seat, but only just, when Andrew kicks the service off at 0915. The first song says it all: ‘All are welcome! All are welcome in this place!’

Being Father’s Day, the theme is ‘What makes a perfect Dad?’ To help everyone say something on this question there were different activities set out on different tables and people could join in for as much or as little as they wanted. ‘Superman!’ – or at least a cardboard cut-out Superman – received everyone’s ideas on post-it notes. Other people were designing, colouring and making book-marks, playing Lego, quizzing dads – there was noise and laughter everywhere.

A video illustrated the bible reading. Then the Audio-Visual equipment had a tantrum and refused to work. Despite that Andrew brought us all together at the end with the final hymn.

We got through this initial 0915@St Thomas service. It appeared to go very well. Feedback was very good from the thirty or so new faces who came. Now we have to ponder what worked well and what needs further work, we need to learn lessons and start planning for the next 0915@St Thomas service that will take place on 9th September. The outline theme for this service is ‘New Beginnings’.

Do you want to get involved and support the 0915 services? Perhaps you have a skill or craft that could be made part of a future service? Then come along to the Support Group that meet with the Vicar at 0915 each Sunday morning – it’s fun and the more the merrier!

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