1. Attention Gary Leek. Congratulations Gary on the re-vamped website. I’ve been told that it is your hard work. If you are open to suggestions, these would be mine:

    Looking at it from a stranger’s point of view, and one who is new to the area wanting to attend a local church..
    It is good to see the recent Newsletters – it gives a good flavour of what is going on.

    Likewise the forward calendar (though you might want look at re-occuring events, ie the Brownies, etc, do not meet during the school holidays and half-terms. It also good to see whether a Sunday service is an Eucharist service.

    This next comment is purely personal and something I look for when I look at other Church sites. Would St Thomas’s consider posting photographs alongside key personnel, ie The Vicar and Churchwardens, Parish Administrator, and (as and when, we get a curate)? It is useful when visiting a church to look up the website in advance and maybe recognise someone in the congregation. A Who’s Who of Parish Officers ?

    Last week I was also asked about Bell Ringing and had to confess that although I had been up in the very interesting Bell Tower, I personally didn’t have too much info about this.

    I realise that this is very much a work in progress and much of what I have mentioned may already be in the pipeline.

    I’m sure that once people have visited the site you will have many favourable comments., but WELL DONE from me.
    REGARDS – Jean R

    • Hi Jean. Thank you for the positive comments – very much appreciated. As you said – yes the new website is very much a work in progress. Let’s say the current version is phase 1. All your comments and suggestions are duly taken on board. In response to specific comments:

      Calendar – I wanted to get the new website live in time for the festive season. One of the things I didn’t have time to do was remove calendar entries for recurring events (specifically uniformed organisations), it will get done. As to being specific about the type of service – I did have this in the staging version but thought that specifying a Eucharist service might put newcomers off. Perhaps we can take guidance from our Priest-in-charge on this?

      Who’s who – yes, a good suggestion (there is already a picture of our vicar in the “I’m new” button ). I’d have to get everyone’s buy-in as I’d want it to be all or nothing.

      Bell ringing – I did have some information about the bells and their history on the previous version of the website but I understand some of it was factually incorrect. I have been in touch with Simon Beckett and we will be getting together to discuss what content (in the form of a blog) we can place on the website, perhaps as a series of articles. Watch this space!

      Once again, thank you for the positive feedback Jean.

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