Being and Growing

Four trees growing in summer

Welcome to the summer! It is a time of rest and rejuvenation before the schools begin their year and (hopefully) everything will be getting back to normal.


A person holding The Bible

An avid reader, Caroline talks about her love of books, the Bible and her latest find.


A photograph of Caroline's Father's garden in Lichfield in 1986.

Caroline explores June!

Adam’s Final Letter

A photograph of the board at St Thomas' which lists the vicars who have presided.

Following completion of his 3-year Curacy term, Adam writes his last letter on behalf of St Thomas’ before taking up his new post in Kingswinford in July.


Part of a word cloud, in the shape of the world

Andrew talks about a Japanese business process, and how we can apply this to our lives and Christian values as we get ‘back to normal’.

Iona Abbey and Nunnery

A view of the Abbey and surrounding area on the Scottish island of Iona

Our resident writer, Caroline, talks about a very special holiday – a retreat to the Scottish island of Iona.

Mr Ted of Brook Street – part 2

The cover image used on Mr Ted's Facebook page

The final part of our interview with the famous Mr Ted, in which he talks about his favourite adventures and the reward he sees in helping others.

The Lesser Brethren

An illustration, title "Friendship", by Mabel Lucie Attwell

Caroline talks about the life of one of her favourite illustrators, and how she depicted scenes from the life of Jesus.

Falling asleep..

Crucifixion crosses silhouetted against the sky

Our vicar, Andrew, ponders the different ways we and the Bible interpret death, and what resurrection might really be like.

Mr Ted of Brook Street – part 1

The cover image used on Mr Ted's Facebook page

The famous Mr Ted has captured the hearts of many during the COVID-19 pandemic, both local to Stourbridge and much further away. We finally manage to catch up with him for an exclusive interview!